Winelands String Quartet

Your Questions Answered...


Q: What instruments make up a string quartet?
A: Two violins, viola and cello


Q: How do we make a musical selection for the event?
A: In order to get a good idea of what you would like, we liaise closely via email well ahead of time. Our repertoire list (including wedding favourites) is available on our website as a print-out. We are very happy to advise on what genres work well together. Once you have made up your mind, we compile a playlist of your choice – preferably at least two weeks before the date of the function.


Q: Do you accommodate special requests which are not on your list?
A: Yes. Provided that the music is suitable for the string quartet genre, and that we are able to access a written score, we generate our own arrangements. Depending on the complexity of the score, this can be time-consuming on our part and we require at least four weeks’ notice prior to the event.


Q: How do we manage timing of music for processing down the aisle?
A: Ideally you need to give us an estimate of the time it will take for the procession. Pachelbel’s Canon has several optional endings, so we can adjust accordingly on the day. Other pieces need to be arranged ahead of time according to your requirements. We do not stop abruptly in the middle of a piece of music.


Q: How long are your playing slots / breaks?
A: This will depend on your requirement. Sets vary from 30 – 90 minutes: breaks; 5-10 minutes.


Q: What are your requirements on the day?
A: We arrive 30 minutes before start of play to set up. We require 4 chairs; straight back and no arm-rests: 6 square metres of floor space and sufficient lighting to read music. If playing outdoors, we require a flat ground surface and complete protection from sun and rain. We are not amplified and do not require a PA system.


Q: Do we need to provide refreshments?
A: This will depend on the length and nature of the function. Generally we do not require refreshments, but if we play for a dinner spanning four hours, we would appreciate a small snack and something to drink during our short music break.


Q: What do you charge?
A: A rough guideline is R2 400/hr. for playing (function) time plus peripheral charges such as set-up; and travelling time and petrol, both of which are largely dependent on the function location. We will send you a quote according to your requirements, including travel cost from Cape Town.


Q: Is your quartet amplified?
A: Our quartet is not amplified. The sound carries surprisingly well indoors and outdoors, always retaining its unique timbre and intimate nature.


Q: Do you offer a trio?
A: Yes we do offer a trio (two violins and viola or cello) Repertoire is more limited and sound is softer – less variety and suited to an intimate setting.


Q: What happens if one of your musicians is sick on the day?
A: In the event of illness, we have backup players for each member of the quartet.


Q: How do we secure a booking?
A: Once you have accepted a written quote, a non-refundable fee of 20% of the total cost will be required to secure your booking. The balance of the total cost is to be deposited at least 48 hours before the event.

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